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Trusty Transport is a vehicle transport company that offers CONVENIENT, TRUSTWORHY, INEXPENSIVE service for transporting automobiles from one location to another. We're family owned and operated with years of experience, know-how and nation wide reputable contacts within the freight industry.


Our mission is to tell you the truth. All companies in the industry broker vehicles to carriers. Trusty Transport has a small select group of dependable motor carriers who are licensed and insured. We pay them slightly higher than the industry standard to ensure superior service is provided to our customers.


Most companies require a deposit that they keep all or part of if you cancel for any reason. If they don't do their job why should they make money?


The average cost of a move in our industry includes $200 in profit, and we believe these prices are too high. Trusty Transport will provide you with a better price and better service.


We ship all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles within the continental United States. We will respond to your free online rate quote within 6 hours. We provide a fast, efficient and low cost easy experience. You can contact us at


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